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Learn from experts


Get instruction from people who actually lead an entrepreneurial life

Create a business plan


Craft your own business plan while being guided by mentors

Compete for funding


Gain real-life competition experience and the chance to win funds to make your business plan a reality

"Don't wait for the right moment to start a business.
It never arrives. Start whenever. Now."

- Lauris Liberts, co-founder at Draugiem Group


By the end of this course, students will learn how to:

Trade fair

Participate in a trade fair

Create a business plan

Craft and prepare a business plan

Compete for funding

Open a bank account

Learn how to code

Begin to learn how to code

Start to learn about electronics and robotics

Start to learn about robotics

Create social media strategies

Begin to create effective social media strategies


1 Week // Biznovator Commuter 

Bring our Biznovator Camp to your City/Country



1 Week // Biznovator Residential

Bring our Biznovator Camp to your City/Country



2 Week // Biznovator Commuter

Florida International University - Miami, Fl



2 Week // Biznovator Residential

Florida International University - Miami, Fl




The Biznovator Camp Experience

The Camp:

  • 1 or 2 week intensive Biznovator Camp
  • Eligibility to compete for seed capital (up to $3500)
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Tour to local entrepreneur venues
  • Follow-up support with mentors
  • Youth Chamber of Commerce membership

The Network and Learning Experience:

  • 1000+ network of Biznovator alumni
  • Hands-on, practical learning experience on-site with major corporations, start-up companies and socially-conscious organizations
  • English immersion opportunities for ESOL students
  • Tours of Florida International University, University of Miami, NOVA Southeastern and Florida Memorial University

The Cultural Opportunities:

  • Learning opportunities with culturally-diverse peers from over 10 countries
  • Tastings of culturally-diverse cuisines from across the world
  • Cultural tours of Wynwood, Little Havana, Historic Overtown and other landmark Miami neighborhoods
  • Tour and interactive business outing on Miami Beach
  • Experience in Miami and the surrounding areas, which is one of the most fun, eclectic, cutting-edge cities in the world:
    • 21st century city
    • Hub of social innovation
    • Growing "maker" community 

Why is the Biznovator Camp relevant to you?

It is harder and harder to get a full-time corporate job across the world.  Entrepreneurship, collaboration and modern skill sets are the way of the future.

Join other Biznovator alumni who represent:

  • Driven young people
  • Innovative global thinkers
  • People who are passionate about taking action towards crafting their own product, service, or business solutions that solve social or civic challenges
  • Emerging young entrepreneurs that turn profitable business ideas into social impact
  • Your future friends


Additional benefits for Biznovator Residential students:

  • Stay at the resort-like setting at Florida International University's Modesto A. Maidique campus in Miami
  • Have the convenience of all meals and transportation included
  • Receive additional on-site coaching and receive immediate feedback on your new businesses and ideas
  • Build community with your fellow Biznovators
  • Access state-of-the-art libraries for additional 
  • Enjoy additional evening tours and activities, including:
    • Round tables and dinners with local entrepreneurs
    • Arts and culture at Frost Museum
    • Live concerts at the School of Music