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JUNE 14-26 , 2015

Premier Youth Business Summer Camp In Miami, Florida @ FIU




» Discover Your Passion
» Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
» Innovate and Elevate
» Disrupt Through Leadership
» Learn While Having Fun!

 Alumni Stats

» Received over $1M in scholarship funds
» Serve underprivileged youth in developing countries
» Start multiple business ventures before age 18
» Featured on CNN and other news media
» Receive funding for non-profit ventures



» Learn the 7 Mindsets to success
» Investigate market trends
» Experience Innovator’s Panel
» Advance your communication skills
» Discover how to Cultivate great ideas 
» Serve at a community project
» Network with successful entrepreneurs
» Learn product and service development


» Create your own business plan
» Visit behind the scenes of global corporations
» Participate in a public trade fair
» Pitch your business plan to venture capitalists
» Become a member of the Global BizNovator Network
» Create friends from multiple countries
» Learn to convert to sustainable human capital

BizNovator Camp is for students in high school or in the first years of college. Ages 14 to 21.

Stay on Campus, includes meals and night time activities


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Drive to Campus, includes breakfast and lunch. Your day ends at 4:30


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BizNovator Alumni Praise
BizNovator Camp is one of the best experiences I have ever had! Not only did I make great friends but it also opened my eyes and made me realize that incredible opportunities are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Thanks to this camp I got started with my own business and acquired an entrepreneurial mindset for business and life. It was truly a life changing experience.” Raul Aviles, BizNovator Camp 2014

"It helped me to develop extremely important abilities, which gave me the confidence to face all obstacles that appeared in my life… I do not know what I would have done without the wonderful skills shaped throughout the camp, for not only in the field of entrepreneurship, but in every life situations, those skills guide me through success! Thanks to this experience, I know how to mold my actions and behaviors to the variety of circumstances that daily appear, and how to express my ideas in a clear and impressing manner! This amazing experience will always have a special place in my heart!"-Carolina Silvia (Brazil), ULEC 2013


Steeve Simbert 
went from an earthquake and tsunami survivor in Haiti to placing in 1st Place in the 2011 BizNovator Camp Business Plan Competition to receiving $300,000 worth of scholarships at Georgetown Univ, Univ of South Africa and now a ‘full ride” at Oxford University in England which begins this August 2015.


Stephanie Duno 
BizNovator Camp class of 2015, launched PAWS, a pet care and training non-profit organization. Steph is now preparing to enroll at Univ Florida this fall. Recently received $40,000 from the GE Reagan Award of Excellence Scholarship and an additional $80,000 in educational scholarships. Steph is focused to become a Veterinary degree by 2022.


Magda Gelves
social entrepreneur at the age of 13 attended her first BizNovator camp 4 years ago at the age of 13 with most students 3-4 years older than her. Today, at 17 Magda enjoys her dual enrollment program at MDC while she completes her junior year. By 2016 Magda will graduate and attend Georgetown University. Besides running her own non-profit, Smile Art, Magda has delivered over 400 hours of service in Miami, Venezuela and recently in Dominican Republic to needy children.


Francisco Odon
At 16 Francisco Odon created his first invention, Night Cycle, a glow in the dark lighting apparatus that helps prevent cyclist from being hit by cars at night. The Night Cycle system is being further developed and is patent pending. Fracnciso is on his way to Florida State University. Frank has also coached underserved youth in Dominican Republic.

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