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Premier Youth Business Summer Camp in Miami, Florida @ FIU

June 14 to 26th

Discover Your Passion

Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovate and Elevate

Disrupt Through Leadership

Learn While Having Fun!

A Parent's Perspective on Why BizNovator Camp is a Great Investment in Your Child's Future

Biznovator is an excellent investment with effects that far outlast the two weeks. Everything the kids learn there are highly applicable throughout their lives any and every path that they decide to take. For example, even if one of the Biznovator students decides to pursue a career at an already-established company, speaking in public and selling your skill set are still very valuable talents to develop. Even after the camp is over, Mr. Casimiro is very attentive, following-up with the kids' progress and supporting them in their trajectories.

I would love it if Biznovator camp lasted 3 weeks so that the kids get more time to analyze and develop their business plans. It is a really wonderful program, and if I had been able to attend when I was a teen myself, I'm sure my life would have been very different. I had majored in Business, but never got all of the entrepreneurship skills taught by Biznovator. Perhaps today I would have been a successful entrepreneur ready to hand my business down to my kids!
-Jeanette Vasquez

Get your child started on the path of their future today! 

BizNovator at FIU Miami  (Ages 14 to 21) - June 14 to June 26, 2015

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BizNovator Alumni Stats - Will Your Child Be Next?

  • Received over $1M in scholarship funds
  • Serve underprivileged youth in developing countries
  • Started multiple business ventures before age 18
  • Featured on CNN and other news media
  • Receive funding for non-profit ventures

Here directly from students on their experience with BizNovator Summer Camp

BizNovator Alumni consistently become entrepreneurs, leaders and social innovators.  BizNovator Camp gives your teen the tools to turn their dream in to reality.

- Steeve Simbert went from an earthquake and tsunami survivor in Haiti to placing in 1st Place in the 2011 BizNovator Camp Business Plan Competition to receiving $300,000 worth of scholarships at Georgetown Univ, Univ of South Africa and now a ‘full ride” at Oxford University in England which begins this August 2015.

 - Stephanie Duno, BizNovator Camp class of 2015, launched PAWS, a pet care and training non-profit organization. Steph is now preparing to enroll at Univ Florida this fall. Recently received $40,000 from the GE Reagan Award of Excellence Scholarship and an additional $80,000 in educational scholarships. Steph is focused to become a Veterinary degree by 2022.

 - Magda Gelves, social entrepreneur at the age of 13 attended her first BizNovator camp 4 years ago at the age of 13 with most students 3-4 years older than her. Today, at 17 Magda  enjoys her dual enrollment program at MDC while she completes her junior year. By 2016 Magda will graduate and attend Georgetown University. Besides running her own non-profit, Smile Art, Magda has delivered over 400 hours of service in Miami, Venezuela and recently in Dominican Republic to needy children.

 - At 16 Francisco Odon created his first invention, Night Cycle, a glow in the dark lighting apparatus that helps prevent cyclist from being hit by cars at night. The Night Cycle system is being further developed and is patent pending. Fracnciso is on his way to Florida State University. Frank has also coached underserved youth in Dominican Republic.


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Space is limited!  Partial scholarships are available. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP 


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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

Learn More about Casimiro Global Foundation

Casimiro Global Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been helping youth for over 15 years!  The BizNovator summer camps are designed to help your child discover the skills, tools, strategies and mindsets to be a social innovator, leader and global entrepreneur.

When your child becomes a BizNovator, they will be armed with the knowledge that dreams are possible, clarity about what skills are required and community support to be able to transform these dreams into reality. 

A few powerful facts about Casimiro Global Foundation:

-        Reached and empowered over 50,000 youth in over 25 countries

-        Hosted 50 entrepreneurship /innovation camps

-        Helped more than 1,500 youth and adults to launch their own Start-Ups

-        Have collected and donated over 100,000 new toys to needy children in 15 countries

-        Delivered over 25,000 service hours globally, through our volunteers, strategic alliances, partners and Board Members.

We invite you and your child to become part of the BizNovator community and Casimiro Global Foundation family.


Buy Your Tickets Today:

Space is limited!  Partial scholarships are available. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR A PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP 


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