How to Support the Casimiro Global Foundation:

The Casimiro Global Foundation (CGF) thanks you in advance for supporting and making our programs a reality. Since 2000, donations and social investments like yours have helped CGF to directly impact more than 300,000 thousand youth globally through our programs and events. With skills in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership, along with a keen awareness of the social and environmental challenges the world faces today, more youth will be better prepared and positioned to bring success to both their own lives and the lives of others, from whatever career they pursue. Socially conscious and caring individuals, like yourself, allow us to continue this work. Your financial commitment, or volunteer involvement, can impact a young person's life forever. By supporting the Casimiro Global Foundation you are very much a part of producing a positive return on investment for society. Below you will find several ways you can help.

Become a Friend of The Foundation:

Donate to join this special group of supporters that help sustain the Casimiro Global Foundation, permitting us to increase our impact.
Learn more about the reasons to join the Friends of the Foundation, and the benefits you can receive for being a member at different levels.


  • Join our fundraising committee
  • Become a speaker or coach for one or more of our programs
  • Assist us at specific CGF events
  • Refer potential supporters, participants, sponsors and individual donors to CGF




  • Offer GlobeXchange Internship opportunities in your socially-responsible for-profit, non-profit, academic, governmental or inter-governmental organization
  • Become a host family to a GlobeXchange participant, enriching his or her cultural experience in your country or city
  • Host one of our events or programs at your organization's facilities
  • Bring our Youth Chamber of Commerce (YCC) to your community. We provide you with the training.


  • Sponsor one or more of our programs or events:
  • ELLA, Inc. Camp (Entrepreneurial Ladies Leading with Action)
  • GlobeXchange Interns
  • YES (Youth Empowerment Scholarships)
  • IOC (Innovators of Change Forum) 
  • Annual Gala / Reception
  • Annual Toy Drive
  • ELLA, Inc. Women's Speakers Series

Attend and register for one of our programs or events:

Annual Reception: November 19, 2016

Innovators of Change Forum October 2016 / March 2017

Toy Drive December 1, 2016 - January 5, 2017