Our Vision

“The Casimiro Global Foundation strives to support youth and adults seeking to become more entrepreneurial, sustainable and successful in their careers and life.”

Our Mission

“To empower youth to become entrepreneurs, social innovators and leaders who create positive change in their communities and the world.”

The Casimiro Global Foundation (CGF), headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a non-profit organization that empowers and equips youth to become entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who create positive change in their communities and the world.
CGF is comprised of community leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, students and young professionals who serve as the Foundation's Board of Directors, staff, interns and volunteers. 

Strategic partnerships with nonprofit, business, government and professional organizations in the United States and abroad are key components of our work, reach and success. Additional support comes from the Friends of the Foundation and from individuals like you who want to make an impact on society by donating time, expertise, resources or funds toward our work.

Juan P. Casimiro | Founder

Juan P. Casimiro | Founder

From the Founder, Juan P. Casimiro:
"We are driven, not only by personal success, but are most driven when your community succeeds with you. While there are many examples of successful social entrepreneurs around the world, it is imperative to also recognize the importance of shared wealth. As founder of CGF, I've measured my personal success based on how many socially-driven entrepreneurs, innovators and global leaders we have impacted, influenced, empowered and created. I urge ALL of US to keep raising the bar for our youth."


The Foundation believes that to effectively fulfill its mission, it is imperative to form strategic alliances and partnerships. In doing so, results are far greater when programs are coordinated with other like-minded organizations. The needs of underprivileged communities are multi-faceted and require a multi-faceted approach that translates to sustainable outcomes. The Foundation believes that collaboratively, leading organizations can expand the possibilities by applying investment strategies that can reduce poverty and increase prosperity among marginalized people.