We used to live in a world where success meant getting a job and keeping it. Today we live in a different world. Success is increasingly coming to problem-solvers.

What is it to be a problem-solver? They either have developed a sense to craft solutions to problems or have nurtured the ability to bring people together behind a common goal. Problem-solvers are biased towards action and must make a path when there isn't one. Being a problem-solver means you are able to make the manual when it's missing, and like anything, it's a craft that requires practice.

But how to develop a skill for solving the unknown? We believe that by continually putting ourselves in new scenarios and attempting to find a solution, we can train ourselves to become incrementally better.

Good solutions solve a problem.

Great solutions find a way to solve multiple problems and create positive ripples with powerful reach. 

Reach. How can we create the most reach? By giving people something back you make a quantifiable amount of lives better. When you jumpstart the problem-solver in others, you empower them come up with solutions of their own and in turn positively influence those surrounding them. Reach magnified.

Do good by giving. Change the world by jumpstarting the problem-solver in others.

Casimiro Global Foundation: jumpstarting problem-solvers since 2002.