A Glimpse of our History

Take a good look at how CGF has evolved over the years. Keeping true to its mission, many of the children you see in these photos are accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, PHDs, and success stories that today are paying it forward by carrying out our mission in their own communities. 

The Why

The Inspiration behind the Casimiro Global Foundation

The motivation behind launching the Casimiro Global Foundation was based on the passing of it's founders father, Pedro Antonio Casimiro. Juan P. Casimiro, our founder, was very moved as he reflected in the lessons that he learned from his father early on. Pedro was a humble, hard working micro entrepreneur in Santiago, Dominican Republic. A man with  spiritual beliefs that always supported his family, Pedro dedicated much of his life to serving others. 

Pedro Casimiro migrated to the United States in 1964 (leaving his children in the Dominican Republic) to seek more economic opportunities, hence providing as much as he could for his family. Pedro understood about the importance of money management, therefore he was able to save enough to bring his four children and wife to join him in the United States.

When Pedro passed in August 2000, his son, Juan P. Casimiro, decided to put into action lessons learned from his father by creating the Casimiro Global Foundation in his honor. The amazing work ethics, humanitarian acts, and love that Pedro had for people inspired his son to develop the foundation with the mission to Empowering the Next Generation of Social Innovators, and Global Leaders through Sustainability Strategies and Initiatives.

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